Here at the Buffalo branch, we are outgrowing our facility and have begun construction on expanding our building.  We would like to share pictures of our progress being made. 


 Projected look of the finished add on


The bank building now

The dirt work being prepared and packed for the concrete 

 The drilling of the piers that are 21 feet down 

The trenches are made for more stability 

 Preparation before the pouring of the slab 

The rebar is to help stabilized the concrete 


The pouring of the concrete 






The finishing of the concrete 


The building materials have arrived to start construction on the floors 

Constructing the first floor 

Inside the first floor looking out to the back and front of the bank 

Constructing the second floor 

Closing in the first and second floor 






Constructing the roof and attic 

Pouring of concrete slab on the back side of the building 

 All sides closed in