Citizens State Bank - Fee Schedule .

Bank Fees

Limits and fees-The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following
transaction limitations, if any, apply to your account:

ATM Daily Balance inquiry (ATM’s we do not own or operate) $1.00
Foreign ATM Charge (Cash withdrawal at ATM’s we do not own or operate)  $1.00
Debit Card replacement or PIN Reset $5.00
Foreign ATM Inquiry Fee $1.00
Foreign ATM Withdrawl Fee $1.00
Check Printing Fee depends on style
Counter Check/Temporary Check Fee $2.00 for 12 checks
Cashier’sCheck $4.00
Money Order $2.00
Overdraft Interest Charge 18.00%
Paid Overdraft Fee (insufficient funds charge-paid item applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, in person transfer, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means) $30.00
Return Item Fee (insufficient funds charge-returned item applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, in-person transfer, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means) $30.00
Charge Back Fee $5.00
Account Activity printout $1.00
Special Statement cutoff $5.00
Account Research $20.00 per hour
Photo Copies $0.25
Account balancing assistance $20.00 per hour
Balance inquiry after 3 per statement cycle $1.00
Transfer Fee (NSF protection)- Dynamic Transfers $5.00
Telephone Transfer Fee $2.00
Night Deposit Lock Bags $20.00
Night Deposit Annual Fee $5.00
Zipper Bag $2.00
Stop Item Charge $20.00
Notary Fee $2.00
Coin Rolling   (Per Roll) $0.25
Wire Transfer Fee - Outgoing Domestic $20.00
Wire Transfer Fee - Outgoing International $45.00
Wire Transfer Fee - Incoming Domestic or International $5.00
Safe Deposit Box Set Up Fee $5.00
  Annual Box Rent 3x5 $18.00
  Annual Box Rent 5x5 $25.00
  Annual Box Rent 3x10 $28.00
  Annual Box Rent 5x10 $35.00
  Annual Box Rent 10x10 $60.00
  Box Replacement Key and/or Drill Fee are at the Locksmith’s Discretion  
Collection Item - Outgoing $7.50
Collection Item - Outgoing w/ Attachment $15.00
Early Closure Fee - 90 Days of Opening $15.00
Fax Service - Outgoing Fax $2.00
Fax Service - Incoming Fax $1.00
Gift Card Fee - Issue $5.00
Gift Card Fee - Reload $2.00
You agree that you will not receive your canceled checks. We will store your canceled checks or copies of them for a reasonable retention period. You may request copies from us in the manner we require.


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