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Officers & Branch Managers


Hue Hillis, President
Brent Jones,
Senior Vice President
Richard Mays, CFO/Senior Vice President                   James Bohls, Compliance/Senior Vice President
Glenda Moreland,
Vice President/Cashier
Judy Boyd, Vice President
Tabitha Taylor, Assistant Vice President
Rose Wells, Assistant Vice President
Vicki Hardy,
Assistant Cashier
Rhonda Hitt,
Assistant Cashier
Tina McAdams,
Assistant Cashier
Lawanda Tryon,
Assistant Cashier

Kathy Hearn, Co-Branch Manager/                       Assistant Vice President
Debra Rodell, Co-Branch Manager/                     
Assistant Vice President

Dow Floyd, Branch Manager/Vice President
Rochelle Hardin, Assistant Vice President
Stacy Beam, Assistant Cashier
Patsy Bishop,
Assistant Cashier

John Thiele, Branch Manager/Executive Vice President
Rhonda Prasifka,
Vice President
Will Pinner, Assistant Vice President
Jennifer Richardson,
Assistant Cashier

Kerry Feller, Branch Manager/Vice President
Delores Sapp,
Assistant Cashier

Sherrie Noland, Branch Manager/Vice President                     Brett Myers, Assistant Vice President
Sandi Hollister, Assistant Vice President

Connie Terry, Branch Manager/Vice President
Tammy Norton,
Assistant Cashier

Fraud Prevention

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