Citizens State Bank .
Officers & Branch Managers

Brent Jones, President, CEO, Investment Officer
Richard Mays, Senior Vice President
Steven Doty, CFO, Vice President, Security Officer
James Bohls, Compliance/Senior Vice President
Glenda Moreland, Vice President/Cashier
Judy Boyd, Vice President
Debbie Williams, Vice President

Kelly Weiss, Vice President/BSA Officer
Rose Wells, Assistant Vice President
Vicki Hardy, Assistant Cashier
Rhonda Hitt, Assistant Cashier
Tina McAdams, Assistant Cashier
Lawanda Tryon, Assistant Cashier

Kathy Hearn, Co-Branch Manager/Assistant Vice President
Debra Foley, Co-Branch Manager/Assistant Vice President

Stacy Beam, Assistant Cashier
Patsy Bishop, Assistant Cashier
Lazaro Villarreal Jr, Assistant Vice President

John Thiele, Branch Manager/Executive Vice President
Rhonda Prasifka, Vice President
Will Pinner, Assistant Vice President

Kerry Feller, Branch Manager/Vice President
Kimbel Schmidt, Assistant Cashier

Brett Myers, Assistant Vice President
Sandi Hollister, Assistant Vice President
Lewis Roblow,
Assistant Cashier

Connie Terry, Branch Manager/Vice President
Tammy Norton,
Assistant Cashier

Fraud Prevention

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